Jacob Dahlgren performance DEMONSTRATION in Bellingham

We are delighted that Jacob Dahlgren's performance, DEMONSTRATION, will take place in Bellingham on June 27, 2015 at 11 AM.

See more details at Dahlgren DEMONSTRATION Bellingham.

DEMONSTRATION - sample image.jpg

Drawing both from abstraction and from a form of protest, the artwork represents the art medium of social practice, which invites collaboration with individuals, communities and institutions. The social interaction completes the work, which afterwards resides in the participants and passersby memories and in documentation.

from the artist:

The event is titled Demonstration and includes making placards and marching together. The placards are reproductions of paintings by the artist Olle Baer­tling (1911-1981). Baertling’s paintings are all abstract. The act of demonstrating takes on a different meaning; it moves in and out of its original context. The idea behind this performance is both formal and spiritual, which also corresponds with Baertling’s work.

The placards become mobile paintings and each participant brings his or her reason for carrying it around the city. This is not a political manifestation. It is (more) about making a public artwork together. It is about rehumanizing the public sphere. The placards carry no explicit message, but can be read as something collective. A collective past in the modernist ideas they represent, and in a collective future that encourages us all to take part in creating our collective landscape.