The prefix comes from the Greek preposition and prefix meta- (μετά-), from μετά,[2] which meant "after", "beside", "with", "among" (with respect to the preposition, some of these meanings were distinguished by case marking). Other meanings include "beyond", "adjacent" and "self", and it is also used in the form μητα- as a prefix in Greek, with variants μετ- before vowels and μεθ- "meth-" before aspirated vowels.

The META in META ARTE stands for context. Artworks don’t exist without artists, and they don’t perform their duty in vaults. The context we are interested in is made of discoveries, conversations, revelations over time, making memories, remembering, finding relationships among artworks, and evolving perceptions.

META ARTE works with clients to represent their unique interests, rather than working from a checklist. Our interest is to build and manage collections that are part of the larger context of our clients’ lives.