Client: Vulcan Real Estate

Veer Lofts
Seattle, Washington
Ben Chickadel
Clouds 14 & 15, 2008
Polyethylene, Richlite, medium-density fiberboard
(Proposal images © Ben Chickadel, 2006)


The artwork at Veer Lofts is intended to enhance the experience of the lobby as a transitional space. The work itself is composed of two cloud forms mounted to the ceiling and wall of the lobby. The clouds, displayed in their assembled and unfolded forms, suggest the constant shift to and from the public world of the street and the private world of the residence, or the movement from a busy place to a calm place, or the loud to the soft. Each form is constructed of a collection of two-dimensional polygons. Those two-dimensional shapes are repeated on the walls of the lobby as flat panels.

Proposal images (c) Ben Chickadel, 2006.

META ARTE-36.jpg
Proposal image (c) Ben Chickadel, 2006.

Proposal image (c) Ben Chickadel, 2006.